How to Celebrate Parents Wedding Anniversary | A Prefect Guide

Parents wedding anniversary | Wedding anniversary is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate a heartily occasion. When it comes to our parents, the meaning becomes out of the ordinary. Mom-dad is the biggest blessing for everyone. You are lucky enough that you are getting a chance to celebrate your mom-dad’s marriage anniversary and offering them some special moments.

Well, we know the value of your excitement toward that special day. That is why; we are going to write down some expert views in this article. How to celebrate the wedding anniversary of our parents?  So let’s make it a big and memorable day to you and your parents.

Table Contents

1. Party Plan for parents wedding anniversary

  •  House cleaning and painting
  •  Decoration and sitting arrangement –
  •  Selection auspicious moment
  •  Preparing Foods
  •  Music and Dance arrangement
  •  Invitation to Guests
  •  Worship arrangement
  •  Buy a cake

2. What to do while that very auspicious moment?

3. Best Gift ideas for parents anniversary (Gift Plan)

  • Gifting them a portrait
  • Cashmere shawl
  • Gift them a tour package
  • Gift any special Items they wish to have
  • Gift them a pension bond
  • Gift them a medical Policy

 4. Recollection plan

  •  Collect their Wedding Cloth
  •  Show their wedding video or photo album
  • Request them to tell about some good time they spent
  • Ask the story of their meeting
  • Give some emotional touch
  • Write and say a special poem
  • Sing a song dedicate to parents

5. Farewell to guests 

Party Plan for parents wedding anniversary.

Party planning is must for any occasion. This is the point where you can prepare the road-map of the occasion.  So let’s see how to plan the parents wedding anniversary party.

  • House Cleaning and Painting– This is the first step, anybody should take before planning a party at home. If you are planning to celebrate your parents wedding anniversary, then you should consider this step in priority. However, if your house is already clean or painted than you can skip this step. Yet you must be double sure about this.
  • Decoration and Sitting Arrangement- Celebrating parents wedding anniversary is always an auspicious occasion for any family. Therefore, decoration is an important issue here.  Decorated house offer people a sense of sanity and persuade them about the importance of the occasion. Sitting arrangement is also a necessary work. However, before doing this, you must figure out the list of guests coming in the party. Keep in mind, there should be a center place, where you mom-dad will have their sheet. Plan a cake-cutting table and a suitable site for photography.
  • Preparing Food for Parents Wedding Anniversary- Celebration without food is nothing. You will have to plan a great lunch/dinner arrangement. If you are hiring any catering firm, they will do it on your behalf. However, if you are planning to prepare food at home, then you will have to figure out so many things. Like, how many guests are coming on the party, what your parents love to eat, choices of your guests, what dishes to make, how you will serve, plates and crockery. You should also prepare a dessert after meal.
  • Selection of auspicious minute- auspicious moment is the point of time, when you perform the sole task of the party like cutting of the cake. Normally people perform this task at around 6 to 7 pm. However if you are confused, you can get help from your family priest.


  •  Music and dance arrangement – entertainment is necessary part of any party or happy occasion. If you are planning to celebrate your mod-dad, wedding anniversary than you will surely think about the music and dance program. If you are planning a big party, then you will arrange a DJ or Orchestra programmer otherwise, you could plan this with your home theater itself.
  • Invitation to Guests – Invitation to guest is an integral part of any auspicious occasion. We should prepare a list of guest and should send invitation timely. One thing we can do specially in our parents wedding anniversary is, we can invite some of their best childhood friend. Having childhood friends in their wedding anniversary party will surely multi-fold their happiness index and it will also make your party most mindful.
  • Worship arrangement- most of us believe that no matter what the occasion is, it cannot complete without thankfulness to God. If you are also among those people, you will need to consider a worship arrangement as well. You can perform this task soon after or before completing your sole task. If you are not sure, ask your family priest.
  • Buy a cake and sweets. – you will need to buy a cake for that auspicious moment. Have some discussion with your family member about the flavor and quality of cake. Try to know about your parent’s best flavor and cake shop. Do some market survey and find out best cake shop. Buy some good quality sweets and other necessary snakes.

What to do while that very auspicious moment?

In that beautiful moment, while cutting the cake pronounce best wishes like “a very happy wading anniversary mom-dad”, offer them cake and sweets at the same time.  This is the time when you will offer them the special gift you purchased for them. You can also fire crackers. Do not forget to do photography and shoot a video of that moment.

Gift ideas for parents wedding anniversary (Gift Plan).

 Offering something special or unique is most important part of any occasion. In this case, the occasion relates your parent’s most happy moment. Of course, you will surely need some unique and very special gifting ideas for your parents wedding anniversary. So let us share you some very- very special and unique gift ideas for your mom-dad wedding anniversary.

  • Hand -painted Portrait:- This is the first thing comes in our mind when we think about gifting solution to our parents wedding giftparents. Because gift should be really unique and classical as well. Hand-painted couple portrait made from your parents photograph is a real and unique gifting idea. You can also choose from different medium like oil painting, watercolour painting, color pencil painting, charcoal sketch etc. you can order portrait online from world’s leading portrait artist like picpainter. They offer Variety and customization as well.


  • Pashmina shawl – Cashmere Pashmina shawl is a big name among premium gifting stuffs. This is made of some very rare species Himalayan goats. Cashmere pashmina shawl and other stuffs are very popular among the class who are in the search of some unique and royal stuff. Western high-class societies are using this fabric as their favorite wedding and wedding anniversary-gifting solution since ancient time. The Himalayan region Ladakh is a well known for pure pashmina production. You can find some home based business like Jaipuriya selling original cashmere products with good return and refund policy and authenticity certificate.
  • Gift them a tour package- gifting a tour package is also good idea for wedding anniversary. This will make you mod-dad super happy and they will get a chance to explore themselves in this age. You can consider booking it from tripadviser, thomas cook etc.
  • Gifting a pension fund – if you want to gift them something life essential and you are in position to afford, you can consider a pension fund as a wedding anniversary gift. It will help your parents after their retirement. You should consult your financial adviser before buying any pension fund kind of things.
  • Medical policy – gifting a medi-claim police is also a good idea. It will help your parents in their old age and make them feel happy and worry free about their medical expenses. Medical policy is also a good option for those who think; they cannot afford medical cost and want to play a safe game for future.

Recollection to the previous time 

This is an idea, which can make you parents happier than anything else can. There are lot of ways we can follow to recollect the fun time or childhood. But inviting childhood friend in the wedding anniversary party is best option. You can do it to surprise your parents. It will surely make them feel more energetic and younger in the party. Moreover there are some more ways do this. Let’s make it out.

  • Make out with wedding cloths of your parents– you can use your mom-dad’s wedding cloths, ornaments and make something great by decorating them in glass case kind of thing. This will also help you to safeguard your mom-dad’s most lovely outfits. Nevertheless, make sure, cloths and other items do not get damage. This work is little creative but your parents will be happier by seeing this type of safeguarding and ingenious method.

happy wedding anniversary

  • Showcase their their wedding photos and videos.– you can make a collage from their childhood and wedding photos. Showing their wedding album and videos will also make them feel blessed and happier.
  • Story telling – Request your Parents to tell something about the the good time they spent together and ask the most happy moments of their life.
  • Ask their meeting storyasking your parents meeting story is also a happy making type of question. Your parents surely be happy and will tell the story. This will help them to recollection the good time.
  • Give an emotional touch- now you are about to finish the party. In addition, you can consider it to give a final touch. You can read a poem or sing a good song dedicated toward your parents. This will make your parents happier.

 Farewell to Guests

this is also an important part of the party. It could be accomplish by delivering a special thanks speech. If you wish to give them a farewell with any gift, it will make your guest glad.

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  1. Give them tickets to a special trip or outing. Think about a trip your parents have always wanted to do together or an outing they may enjoy as a couple. Get them tickets for the trip and put them in a nice card. They will likely appreciate the opportunity to do something together that they have always wanted to experience to celebrate their anniversary.

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