Identifying the Oil portrait Painting | Oil Portrait Testing process

How to know that the portrait is made of oil paint  | Testing process

Identifying the portrait is really made of oil paints is somehow tricky. Here in this article we will understand the topic in tow small parts.

Part  1 – asking question to the portrait artist before placing an order

Part 2 – Testing  the work after receiving the portrait at home

If you want to order an oil painting portrait or landscape, then ask your oil painting artist some questions before placing an order.

First question – How long it will take to make your oil portrait or landscape?

This question is because the oil colors take time to dry. Any oil painting that is made of 100% original oil paint is takes time, because it needs extra time for the drying process.

Although it depends on a lot of factors such as the size of the portrait, density of work. If there is big amount of granular work, it will take more time make as well as to dry.  Size of the portrait or landscape you want to order is also a subject to consideration. Like  If the size is large, artist will ask more time to make it and the time taken by drying process will also increase.

Second question – will you share working pictures?

 Since it takes more time to make an oil portrait on canvas and artist have to leave it to dry in between. It means the artist has enough time to share the picture. If the artist does not answer, then you must think a little and ask some other questions.

Third question?

 You must ask your Portrait Artist whether they are going to do the portrait or landscape in how many layers and whether they will share working pictures after each layer. Most of the portrait artists do 4 to 10 layered oil work on canvas; it is possible due to the nature of the work ability of oil painting. So you can also ask these questions

Questions can also be asked about the quality of oil paint – because good quality oils are very expensive, you can ask for some working picture in between and video clips as well.

A Genuine Artist should have no problem sharing all this with you.


How to Test the portrait painting after receiving  ?


The best way to check an oil painting portrait is to check its base, oil paints are not directly applied to the canvas, and they need a base. Most of oil portrait artists use Turpentine as base. Acrylic painting does not require a base, although some artists do apply it in acrylic also.

There is also an easy way to check whether your portrait is made of oil paint. If you see the portrait standing at 90 degrees, if the surface of the portrait is looking rough then it is more likely that it is an oil paint. Because the portraits made with acrylic paint have a smooth surface and it feel s like a rubber layer when touched.

(Some portrait artists use adjectives to make acrylic portraits textured to the surface. You can confirm this with your artist)

you can also feel the brightness in oil painting portrait while acrylic painting tend to dry matte.

Hope these all step will help you to understand the oil painting and to select the best artist for your oil portrait or landscape project.

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