How to make money on tik tok

How to make money on tiktok?  This is a burning question among tiktoker worldwide. Tiktok is a short video sharing platform. Millions of people all over the world share unlimited videos daily through Tiktok. Do you know that Tiktok is not only a means of entertainment, but also a very good way of earning money.

how to earn money from tik tok

The platform has gained immense popularity since its launch on Android and iOS apps in the year 2017. It would not be a hyperbole to say that Tiktok is the world’s most prominent platform for short videos. Tiktok has been able to access this label due to its easy to use interface as well as being Smartphone friendly.

Till March 2020, Tiktok reached almost 1.5 billion downloads and about 400 million daily active users and come on top in the app store.

Being Influencers to make money on tiktok

Nowadays, time has changed. The new generation is spending less time in traditional means of entertainment and information such as TV and newspapers etc.  This is a paradigm shift for the world of entertainment and information. There are many users in Tiktok who have millions of followers and all they relay wants to know that how to make money on tiktok while making short videos. One line answer is, such users act like an Influencer and they can influance a consumer to select or reject any brand on the market, if they make content to help any brand, they will get paid.

Tiktok has become the main means of entertainment and information through mobile today. Youth from around the world spends a lot of time at Tiktok. Many of them are creators and many other are data consumers

Another side people have started watching less television because almost all television shows are now available on mobile over the Internet. When the public especially youth shifts their focus, the world of advertising also has to move along.

Tiktok has attracted big brands from all over the world for advertising. In such a situation, making videos in Tiktok has becomes a revenue source.

Let’s know how Tiktok users can earn money.

how to earn money on tiktok

How to make money on tiktok | 5 Specific Method

However, the Tiktok does not yet have a direct monetization policy like YouTube channel. In spite of this, many other way of getting revenue from Tiktok are available.

For example, you can also earn by means of sponsorship, affiliate, product selling , online and e-commerce etc.

Make money on tik tok by sponsorship.

Most Tiktokers earn money through sponsorship. But for this, you have to have a lot of following. If you have enough, then big brands will approach you to   promote their product or services through your videos, here you get a chance to earn big money.

Make money on tiktok by product selling.

If you have a good fan following, product selling can also be a good option. But for this, you have to increase your face value through your content. This means you have to build trust among your followers so that you can influence their buying behavior. Also, according to the product you want to sell, your content orientation should be done.

You can create a webpage for product selling and also integrate payment gateway into your web page for getting payment from your customers. If you do not have a web page, no problem, you can also deal with your followers through WhatsApp or phone.  This is really simple, you make a funny video and at the end of the video, you also tell about your product and contact details.


Make money on tiktok by affiliate marketing.

If you are a good influencer with big number of fan following, then affiliate marketing like Amazon affiliate is a very good option. Although in Tiktok you cannot place a link directly like YouTube. However you can divert your followers on your landing page. You can show the name of that landing page in your bio. You can also tell your follower to follow you in your other social media accounts

earn money form tiktok

In this way, you take your follower to the place where you have been given affiliate links to sell the product.  Also through your content you can give recommendations for your affiliate products. In this way you convert your follower into a loyal customer.

Make money Selling the tiktok account.

Selling the Tiktok account is also a very popular way to make money from Tiktok. If you are creative, you can do this job well. The thing to do is to choose a topic that is in demand in the market. Around that topic you have to make some entertaining and viral like videos. Most of the people who have interest in that topic will follow you; chances are high that they will be an ideal customer for products related that niche. When your profile reaches a certain label, you can sell it to a company related to that niche. This is also a big way of earning.

Bringing your followers to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

if you have enough fans following, then this is a really effective way. You can ask your followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Also, you can get your followers diverted on Facebook and Instagram. And there are many ways to earn from these platforms.

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