Different ways to make living with youtube channel

How to make money from youtube channel | YouTube is a US based video sharing platform.  In YouTube, you can watch entertaining and many other types of content in the form of video and live streaming.

YouTube is not just for watching videos only; you can also publish your own videos if you want. If people like and watch your videos then you can also earn revenue from YouTube channel. So let’s know how you can earn from different ways on YouTube.

 However, earning money from YouTube is not as easy as it seems. Now YouTube has become the number two search engine in the world. Millions of people upload millions of videos on YouTube every day.

 This simply means you will have to face hard competition to earn money in YouTube. But if you have quality in your content then you do not need to worry about. Most of the people who remain consistent on making new and good quality content, publish videos in a regularly interval are making good bucks from YouTube.

How to make money form youtube | 6 different ways a youtuber can earn through youtube

If you are really passionate about earning from YouTube. You will have to understand the need of your audience and provide value to them. The longer your viewers watch your video, the more your videos will be suggested to people by YouTube. In simple words, if people watch your videos till the last, then YouTube assumes that people like your content.

This means, if YouTube suggest your videos to more people, your viewers will also grow with time. It will lead you to earn more revenue from YouTube advertising. But for all this, you have to create a sense of trust among your audience and engage them around your content. Let’s know, through how many ways we can earn from YouTube.

Factors to make  money from YouTube advertising

The first and natural way to earn from YouTube channel is to earn from YouTube partner program. YouTube gives you 55% share in the advertisements showing through your videos. Meaning if an advertiser spends 100 rupees on YouTube advertisement then you get 55 rupees.

make money from youtube

Now day’s creators are earning millions of dollars form YouTube partner program. But earning from YouTube advertisement depends on a lot of factors such as demographics, geographies, content topics, content quality and bounce rate etc.  Let’s understand each topic in detail.

Content niche

How much you can earn from YouTube, it also depends on the niche you make content. If you produce content on high advertising expense niche, then you earn more in comparison of the niche with less advertising budget.

For example- If a person who creates content on entertainment niche will get entertainment loving fan following. Therefore, the ads that will be shown to them by YouTube will be according to their interest. And most of the advertisements can be entertainment type with low CPC. Whereas a person who creates content on high advertisement budget niche such as cryptocurrency  will get high paying  audience with high CPC.

In a cryptocurrency niche video, advertisements of  bitcoin or a trading platforms such as coinbase can be shown. Since this is a costly investment niche and advertisements for this niche is also very expensive. Naturally the CPC rate will also be very high. Therefore, you too can make a good income with advertisements running on your YouTube channel.

 Location of your viewers 

how much you can earn from YouTube, it also depends on the location of the audience to a large extent. For example, if your audience is from rich countries like USA, UK or UAE, then your videos will get higher CPC. The advertising budget of businesses of those countries is much higher than the advertising budget of businesses of other countries. But content should be in English. Because English is the language that is understood almost all over the world.

 If your content is in English, then it is very likely that your videos will be seen by people from all over the world. This will result more views on your videos.

 There is a huge different on CPC for adverts between developed and developing countries. Views received from developed countries will receive higher CPC than developing countries.  It means if your audience is from rich counties, then the chances of earning from your YouTube partner program are greatly increased.

Intent of your viewers 

This is really an important factor. Intent means intention. The algorithm of Google or YouTube is programmed in such a way that to understand intent of their users. They show advertisements to the user according to their interest. For example, if you watch a video on YouTube which is related to cooking. Then the algorithm will understand that you are interested in cooking and will show you cooking related advertisements. These types of ads are comparatively less expensive and you will also earn less due to lower CPC.

If most of your viewers are interested in business. Who dream big and want to achieve something big in life, then they will surely take help of Google or YouTube in search of business opportunities. This will let the algorithm know that these people are looking for business opportunities. And youTube will shows the advertisement of a business ideas and related actions. Since most advertisements related to business are expensive with higher CPC so creators will also earn good money. In simple words, if people with big and expensive intents see that advertisement then your earnings also increase.

So   you can say that the advertisements that are served on the content with high investment demand or to business oriented intents are mostly of high CPC. Therefore, how much you can earn from YouTube is also depends largely on the intent and orientation of your viewer.

Use of advertisement friendly keywords

YouTube’s search engine works almost like Google’s search engine. If we put a query in the search box of YouTube, the algorithm will guess what we want and what our intent is.

Let us understand this through an example- Suppose; you are a normal YouTube viewer and you want to check a mobile review in YouTube. Then you will search it with the keyword “best mobile under 1000”.  The algorithm of YouTube will make it understand that you want to see a mobile review priced under 1000 USD and accordingly shows you the list of related videos.

Based on the keyword you searched and videos you watched, YouTube’s algorithm can detect your interest. And then you will be shown mobile phone ads which fall under 1000 USD. Now the thing to understand here is that, this keyword is a buying intent keyword so the ads you see will be very high CPC. 

 User who came through this type of buying intent keywords profiling are highly targeted customer. And a big opportunity to all companies wants to sell their mobiles under 1000 USD.  More companies would like to show their mobile to this user through advertisement.  It will lead the bidding towards higher side. Obviously creator of the video will makes more money from YouTube partner program.

Means that, if the content address the buying intent of a viewer and you included such actionable buying intent keywords in the title and description of the video. Then high CPC ads will run on your videos and your YouTube ads earnings will also increase manifold.

Content Quality and Quantity

Your videos will get more views only when you make good quality content and do it on regular basis. By good quality we mean that your content is focused and address viewer’s intent well.

The information you are sharing should be very accurate and correct. If your content is strong then viewers will subscribe to your channel and will come back to your channel again and again. If you are creating good quality content, viewers will watch your videos till the end with less bounce rate. You will see more and high CPC advertisement running on your channel and make money from YouTube ads.

Other ways of earning besides advertising on YouTube

Millions of people spend billions of hours every day on YouTube. In such a crowded market, it is natural for you to have many ways of earning. In this section of the article, you will know some to the point ideas and very effective methods by which you can also earn good money from YouTube. Let’s understand

Earning from YouTube through Affiliate Marketing

YouTube is also a great platform to make money through affiliate marketing. People are making millions of dollar from YouTube affiliate.  Affiliate marketing means to promote and sell the products of a company or a person.

 For selling products, you get a fix commission. If you really want to earn from affiliate marketing, you will have to join the right affiliate network.

how to earn money from youtube

Companies or individuals wish to sell their products through affiliates are registered in the affiliate platforms such as shareasells and commissionjuction.

Amazon Affiliate is also a good option.  You will have to choose and promote product listed on Amazon. You can do this through your YouTube channel get a fixed commission, whenever a customer visits Amazon through your affiliate link and buys something within 24 hours. Nowadays many people are earning millions from Amazon affiliate through YouTube.

Earning from YouTube through sponsorship

 Sponsoring a product through YouTube channel is not only good for affiliate marketers rather you can also earn a good amount from companies or people of your niche selling something.  If you publish a YouTube video in a particular niche and you have a good subscriber base. Then companies or people who do business in that niche will approach you to make and publish a videos about their products or services. Those people give you some price for doing so. This price is decided on the basis of your face value, content quality and how many views are received on your videos. So sponsorship is also a good way to earn money from YouTube.

Sell your own products and earn

This is another great way to earn from YouTube. You can list your products online by creating a small website to promote and sell to earn money through YouTube channel. For this, you have to tell about your products through your YouTube videos.

You can also pin the product link on the comment box. This will make your link appear at the top of your comment section and your viewer will be able to access your website easily. You can also use a special feature of YouTube “interactive cards” to bring traffic to your website.

From big business establishments to start-ups and small-scale merchants are promoting their product and services on YouTube and increasing their reach.

YouTube has proved to be a beneficial platform in terms of products selling and people are earning from YouTube.

Through YouTube videos, you can promote the business both online type and offline type as well.

For Online Business

You can use YouTube videos to increase the reach of your online business, such as an e-commerce website or an app based business. By creating a channel for your business, you can spread awareness about your product and services. You can refer your website or app to viewers to buy products. You can convert your viewers into a loyal customer by giving a link of the product or website in the description area.

To earn through YouTube videos, you should also make full use of the comments section of the videos. Answering the questions asked in the comments is also an effective strategy for making a sell happen through YouTube. Providing the link of products through comments can bring a new customer for your product. In this way, you can promote your online business and make money from YouTube.

Earn money by promoting offline business in YouTube

Those people who run any offline business and do not have online presence can also increase their sales by promoting their business on YouTube. You can engage positional customer of your area or niche by making good quality and informative videos.

It will help you to uplift the confidence and trust among your costumers. You can tell people about your presence and good services through your videos.  Gradually you will become a trusted brand. If you try this idea well, you will see more customers coming to you and your sell will also increase manifold. Therefore, this is also a way to earn money from YouTube. You can also earn by selling your own product through YouTube.

 Earning Options from YouTube Through YouTube Merchandise

YouTube merchandise is an inbuilt business tool offered to creators by YouTube. Through this, you can sell different types of merchandise to your viewers. Such as custom T-shirts and hoodies etc.

 If your channel is getting good views and has built a good level of trust among your followers then you can earn good amount by selling merchandise through your channel. In the dashboard of YouTube Studio, you will get the option to sign up to YouTube merchandise.

how to make money on youtube merch

Channel membership to earn money from YouTube

Through YouTube channel membership, your subscribers pay you a fixed monthly subscription for space, emojis, perks and badges. In return, you give them some privileges like access to your members only community tab, members post, exclusive live stream or early participation in a ticket sale.

However, to earn from this option you will have to pass through  certain conditions. Like you get this option only after completing 100000 subscribers. You must be 18 +. And you should enrolled on YouTube partner program etc. To enroll under this option please refer to the  dashboard of YouTube studio.

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