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How to increase height | of course health and fitness is a big challenge in today’s life. Due to a variety of problems ranging from our food, environment and lifestyle, it is really very difficult to keep the health and body as it should be.

Not growing height is also one of the similar problems. Low height is a very negative situation to anybody, because it inadequately affects our confidence level.

Many people with low height consider themselves inferior because they think and believe that due to low height, our personality is not as good as others

So finding ways to grow the height and the desire to look better has happen to be practical.  Every person of short stature aspires to increase his height and constantly explores the subject how to increase the height.

How to increase height naturally | How to grow tall

In this article we are going to share some practiced points.  We will know about some effective home remedies for increasing the height.

Although this post is meant to give information on the subject to increase your height however we request you to take advice from your doctor before taking any action.

Increasing the height is definitely a difficult task, but still it can be achieved to some extent. However it typically depends on how our genetics are. 60 to 80 % of our jeans contribute and the rest depends on our nutrition, environment and upbringing etc.

In the case of both girls and boys, growth of the height works differently. Height of girls’ increases in teenage while boys’ height begins to rise in the middle of adolescence and after teenage..

7 Expert tips on how to increase height or become tall

By taking care of a few things in adolescence, you can increase your height to a great extent by ensuring consistent use of physical and mental flaws

 1. Have a balance diet to increase the height

To get a good height it is very important to have a balance diet. The balance diet means, whatever nutrition you need to get good height should be present in your daily diet. If you really want increase your height, you should include following foods in your daily diet plan.

how to gain height

  • Fresh fruits. like banana, orange, seasonal, pineapple and kiwi etc.
  • Whole grains. such as whole oats, oatmeal, millet, whole grains and whole corn.
  • Dairy items.  milk, curd and butter etc.
  • Protein rich foods. like fish, chicken, eggs and gram etc.
  • Vegetables. such as broccoli, beans, sprouts, okra, spinach, collard green etc.

Searching on the internet  “how to increase height” is not enough. You have to drink plenty of water, make a time table for drinking water. You have to decide what to eat and not, how and in what quantity.

It would be appropriate to reduce the amount of foods related to sugar, trans-fat, and saturated fats. Even junk foods, packaged foods items will not let fulfill your dream of increasing the height.

2. Become tall by paying attention to your posture

Your way of getting up, sitting, sleeping and walking also helps in increasing your height. When you are sitting, pay attention that you sit tightly, keep the spine straight.


  • Sitting: This is a matter of practice and attention. You have to pay attention to your posture while sitting and if you do stretching continue while sitting, it will help you a lot
  • Standing: When you are standing, pay attention that you are standing, your head, neck and spine are in a line. This will also increase your stretching and will help to increase your height.
  • Sleeping: Posture has to be taken care of even at bedtime. Sleeping incorrectly inhibits the growth of your body along with the development of your body.
  • Walking: Even while walking, try to chase yourself. In this way a correct posture will help you a lot in increasing your height. Adhering to the right posture is really effective.

3. Have good sleep to increase the height

Good sleep is very important for the overall development of children. But the contribution of good sleep is truly amazing in increasing the height also.

The scientific reason behind this is that while you take rest, your body regenerates tissues and new tissues are also formed. The hormones responsible for increasing height can be produced in your body only when you are in deep sleep.

how to become tall


In fact, the human growth hormones (HGH) responsible for increasing the height are produced naturally in the body during deep sleep.  The brain relaxes and releases more growth hormone.

Therefore, if you also want to know how to increase the height and are looking for ways of it. Take plenty of sleep and within a few days you will see the result.

You can check the list below to understand how many hours of sleeps everyday you or your baby need to have for proper height growth.

  •   0-03 months – 14-17 hours
  • 03-11 months- 12–17 hours
  • 01-02 years – 11-14 hours
  • 03-05 years -0-13 hours
  • 06-13 years – 9-11 hours
  • 14-17 years -08 – 10 hours
  • 18- 64 years – 07-09 hours
  • Above 65 years – 07-08 hours

4. Be active and grow tall

Activism is very important part for human’s physical development. Physical activity develops your muscles properly, as well as physical activity plays an important role in strengthening bones. At the same time, physical activity also contributes to the production of HGH hormones responsible for the height growth.

  • If you are an adult or older and want to keep yourself fit, then physical vigor is really a panacea for you. Be as active as possible. Do yoga, meditate, swim, play or work in the field. Either way, try to keep yourself active.
  • If you are thinking of your child and wish to know how to increase your child’s height, then our simple answer is to take care of children’s diet and let them play a lot.

7. Supplements to increase the height

Nowadays, teenagers or adults are taking many types of supplements or medicine to increase height. We advise you that without proper knowledge or expert consultation don’t use these supplements. Before using any kind of medicine or supplement, you must consult a doctor

In some cases, your doctor may advise you some appropriate supplements. Before this, they have to investigate that how important it is to recommend you supplements to increase your height. If they found some reason on the production of human growth hormones in your body is getting affected. Then they will recommend you synthetic HGH.

6. Intoxication is a big breaker to growl tall

Nowadays, many teenagers and youth are moving towards drugs or addiction. Many studies done around the world has shown, any kind of intoxication reduces the production of hormones responsible for increasing your height.

how to grow height of my child

Not only this, intoxication is also responsible for destroy your mental, physical development. If you are also thinking, how to increase the height and taking and kind of dope or drugs.  Then our advice would be to stay away from these addictions or quit searching for ways to increase the height. Because any way to increase the height is not effective for the addict.

7. Lose weight if you want to gain height

If you are overweight and you are thinking how to increase the height, we would advise you to reduce your weight. Try to keep your weight as per  the BMI parameter. And for weight loss, you should not focus too much on diet control  instead do proper exercises like running, swimming, stretching etc.

This article has been sent to us by fitness expert Dr. Umesh Narayan Joshi ji ( for the readers of Howhelper. How did you like, please tell us by commenting. Also, do not forget to share your friends.

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