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England boy names | Deciding a baby name is major decision that parents have to make that will potentially follow your child for lifetime. There are several blogs and information over internet but finding out the best, really unique and a meaningful name is a tedious task nobody wants to do.  On this article we are focusing exclusively on baby names in UK.

Top Ranked England Boy Names.

    1. Oliver- The name Oliver is an British boy name.  meaning is “The olive tree”  The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness beauty and dignity.
    2.  Kian  – This name  is the English variant of the Gaelic Irish given name Cian, meaning “ancient” or “wise” or “grace of God. In recent years Kian has become popular in US as well.
    3. Alfred-  Alfred is a masculine given name of English origin, In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Alfred is: Sage or wise. 
    4. Lionel – Lionel is a Christian boy name and it is an English originated name with multiple meanings. Lionel name meaning is lion and the associated lucky number is 4 as well.
    5. Austin- Austin has reached  the top 10 most popular british boys name 5 times, and has reached the top hundred names 37 times. Austin has been used in the United States ever since 1880 and the meaning of the name Austin is majestic. british boys name
    6. Noah- Noah is an Hebrew name meaning “rest” and “comfort.” In a famous biblical story, God selected Noah to build the ark. It is also top ranking boy name in UK and US.
    7. Alva- its again a Hebrew origin baby boy name. Meaning of the name alva is brightness. Great American inventor Thomas Alva Edison developed the electric light bulb has been a famous bearer of this name.
    8. Jasper-  It’s a Persian origin British baby boy name which mean “bringer of treasure”. … Jasper also represents a variety of quartz. one of the few gem names for British boys.
    9. Liam-  Liam is an Irish origin baby boy name is now a new trendy baby boy name among military community in UK and US. Meaning of Liam is strong-willed warrior or a protector.
    10. Benjamin- Benjamin is often shortened to Ben, sometimes to Benny, or Benji. It is also a patronymic surname. It’s a Hebrew word and meaning if the name Benjamin is “son of right hand”
    11. William- meaning of the name William is: Resolute protector. Name of the firstborn son of Prince Charles is William. This name is also among top ranking british boys name. British boy names
    12. James- The name James means “supplanter,” one who follows. In the 17th century the Scottish king James VI inherited the English throne and became the first ruler of all Britain.
    13. Rory- Rory means “Red King” in Irish Gaelic “. It’s basically  a Irish name but now popular across the Europe.
    14. Rupert- Rupert is a German origin name which mean “bright fame”.
    15. Jaxon- It’s a English origin name and. The meaning of the name Jaxon orJackson  is,  God has been gracious. It was also the given name of Yochanan ben Zechariah, a Jewish prophet known in English as John the Baptist.
    16. Ibrahim-Ibrahim is an Arabic name of the prophet a messenger of God. Ibrahim means “father of nation and friend of God” . this name is also much popular among UK and other European countries.
    17. Kai- Kai is originates from many different countries and has different meanings in multiple languages in Welsh and Greek it means “keeper of the keys.  Meaning in Japanese is “Open or  ocean ”. in Persian, it means, “little king”
    18. Lucas- Lucas is a Greek originated baby boy name. Meaning of the name Lucas is Luminous and white. Lucas has some connection with holy bible. Luke was a disciple of Jesus, so we can say it’s a biblical name as well and stand top ranking name among England boy names.
    19. Ernest- Ernest is an English Origin  baby boy name and meaning of name Ernest is- Diligent and truthful. The name Ernest was introduced to England by the German House of Hanover when they inherited the British throne in the 18th century.England boy names
    20. Harry- Harry  is medieval form of Henry, which is from the Germanic name. meaning of the name is house protector. Neurological number is 7. Prince Harry of England son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana was the famous bearer.
    21. Oscar- The name Oscar is an Irish originated Baby boy name.  Meaning of the name Oscar is Divine spear. This name is among the greatest England boy names of all time. Great poet Oscar Wilde was the famous bearer.
    22. Thomas- Thomas is a common surname of English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French, and German, Dutch, and Danish origin. The name Thomas is recorded in the Greek New Testament as “Thomas the Apostle” (one of the twelve apostles of Jesus).
    23. George- George is a Greek origin baby boy which comes from ‘georgos’ which means   “tiller of the soil” or farmer. St George a patron saint of England was the famous bearer. 

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