How to Test Purity of The Cashmere Pashmina Fabric ? All-Round Guide

Cashmere Pashmina | This pashmina fabric is a real select fabric for those who want something real and genuine. Experts consider Kashmiri Pashmina is the best pashmina in the world

There is huge demand of clothing product of kashmere pashmina. This wool is made from selected hairs of some special breeds of Himalayan goats found in kashmer and other Himalayan region like Ladakh, Kargil,  Himanchal predesh etc. Some regions of Nepal and Tibet are also good in pashmina wool production.

 Real Cashmere Pashmina Breads.

Changthangi, Malra, Plateau, Chegu and Chyangara etc. are some well-known pashmina wool bread found in Himalayan regions.

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How to Test  A Cashmere Pashmina Product ?

Burning Test: This method is widely in use among most of the people who want to test the purity of Pashmina. For this test, you can pick some different piece of thread from outer side of the cloth.  One thing you should keep in mind while cutting the thread is that, it should not harm the product and its design.

“Burning test is a proven tests, you can easily do at your home after receiving your Cashmere Pashmina product.”

Now take a lighter, candle, and a clean steel plate. Burn the candle, take the thread over the plate, and burn it. Ones it burnt, you will get a powder type material on the plate and notice an heir burn smell around. If this happens, it means it is pure cashmere pashmina, but if it smells and burn like plastic than it is other material like polyester, plastic etc.  However, before going for this test you must insure the diameter of the thread is 14 to 16 micron. Because the thread above can be a goat’s hair but not necessarily a rael cashmere pashmina thread.

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Simple Identification process of Real Cashmere Pashmina.

We should take some precautionary measures while buying kashmere pashmina from open market. If you are not expert, take time to do some study and go with someone you can trust. If this is not possible or you are buying a kashmere pashmina shawl etc. from an online store then always buy a certified and a GI marked original cashmere pashmina product. The certificate must be released by local governmental authority showing all details like thickness of yarn, GI and measurement like length, width, weight of of cloth etc.


Kashmere pashmina is thicker than other yarns, thickness of the pure pashmina should be between 14 to 16 micron. More thicker the yarn is more soft and warm the cloth will be.

Must Know Before Making A Buying Decision.

There are some points we should keep in mind before making any buying decision.

  • Ask for a government certificate
  • Ask for GI mark
  • Ask the thickness of the yarn weather it is mentioned in certificate of not
  • Ask for return and refund policy offered
  • Ask for measurement of cloth
  • Ask for purity percentage, weather it is 100% pashmina, or Silk mixed

Generally, in the related markets you can easily find silk mixed Pashmina product with 70:30, 50:50, and 30:70 kind of mix. Nevertheless, you should be caution while making any buying decision, because there are lot of people doing deceptive trading practices in the name of real apshmina or silk mix Pashmina.

 Main Characteristics of Cashmere Pashmina

  • Real cashmere pashmina cloth will not give too much sheen, they mostly carry matte look. If there is lot of sheen on the cloth, it means it is not considerable.
  • You can also check the martial comes after burning the pashmina threads; in real cashmre pashmina thread, the sheen of the powder should not change too much and give u feel of a matte sheen.

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How to Determine Precision of Pashmina Cloth While Purchasing From A Shop ?

  • Normally good seller do not use glued sticker in real cashmere pashmina  cloths. This is because real pashmina thread does not hold it for long. However, seller can stitch a GI certificate at any corner of the product. Product with glued sticker may be doubtful. If there is any sticker glued, please take a not.
  • cheeking  weaves of the cashmere pashmina cloths is also a good idea. Although we should check it against the light. If there are irregularities in weaves, it means it is considerable.real cashmere pashmina products are mostly hand woven and always carry some irregular weaves.

Before making any buying decision, one must insure good return and refund policy by the seller. Doing this will make you feel safe and secure; you can also easily return the cloth and get your money back in case of dissatisfaction.

  • Pashmina cloth are very soft in nature you can somehow judge it by rubbing. Normally, clothes made from acrylic or polyester will give little sparks and shakeout voice while rubbing, this happens, because the cloth made of acrylic or polyester holds some electric energy itself. And the martial made with plastic will attract little particles while rubbing. It means if while rubbing the cloth real cashmere pashmina will not give any sparks or shakeout voice and will not attract any particle.

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